Four Bridgend men sentenced for attacking soldiers waiting at railway station

Four men were caught on CCTV at Bridgend railway station as they taunted and attacked five soldiers waiting for a train to Cardiff for a night out on Wednesday September 16 of last year.

Appearing at Cardiff Crown Court today, Nicky Blackwell, 19, Dayne Kinsella, 18, Reginald Malgas, 20, and Ashley Harris, 18, taunted the five members of the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment in Bridgend town centre where they were drunk and abusive towards the soldiers on a night out. The soldiers decided to leave Bridgend for Cardiff before any further trouble followed, but were pursued by the four men.

At Bridgend railway station, the soldiers were taunted and shouted at from across the station platform, before their attackers ran across a footbridge to start a fight.

One of the attackers took a glass bottle with him, and struck one of the victims on the head causing a 2cm laceration to the scalp. The bottle did not break however, and the victim avoided serious injury and was able to continue his night out in Cardiff afterwards.

Once attacked, the soldiers hit back in self defence, knocking one of the attackers onto the railway line, he was able to get himself back onto the platform quickly, before he and the other three fled back across the footbridge.

The 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment are assigned to the Special Forces Support Group of the United Kingdom Special Forces and branding the four men ‘drunken yobbos’ Judge Christopher Llewellyn-Jones QC said:

“The public is getting fed-up with your behaviour.

“These young soldiers came to Bridgend for a peaceful evening and you four try and entice them to fight.

“You are lucky the soldiers showed remarkable restraint, otherwise you would have suffered greatly.”

Dayne Kinsella and Nicky Blackwell were sentenced to eight months each at a young offenders institute, Reginald Malgas was sentenced to one year at a young offenders institute, while Ashley Williams received a six month sentence at a young offenders institute.


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