Three Barry men guilty of burglary, fantasy machete, broadsword, stiletto dagger and strimmer cable among stolen items

Mark Stringer, 19, Daniel Stansfield, 19, and his older brother Andrew Stansfield, 23 were sentenced yesterday afternoon after pleading guilty to burglary in July 2009.

Mark Stringer and Daniel Stansfield initially burgled the property in Barry before letting it be known to Andrew Stansfield that the property was empty, who joined them for a second burglary within 24 hours of the first.

Amongst the items stolen from the property were a fantasy machete, a pewter broadsword, a 12 inch Damascus steel stiletto dagger, an XBox 360 games console and games, a pocket watch and a strimmer cable, although it is not known on which of the two burglaries each item was stolen.

On the day of the burglary, police found Daniel Stansfield on a bicycle with a bass unit and other items from the burglary, when questioned by an officer, he said he had “found the items in bin bags” and they “must have been out for ages because they were wet.” The police officer, however, noticed the ground was dry.

Andrew Stansfield was found by police in a back lane, perspiring and out of breath where he claimed to be waiting for a call back from a friend, but officers found no calls on his mobile phone history, and he was in possession of the stole pocket watch and dagger.

Judge M. Furness described the “sense of intrusion” that the victim of the burglary must have felt, and an “anxiety for the future” after this incident.

Mark Stringer and Daniel Stansfield were sentenced to 12 months each in a young offenders institute, and Andrew Stansfield was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment. They must each serve at least half of their sentences.


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