Judge tells Sarn man guilty of dangerous driving: “You could have killed, but you didn’t care”

Darren Goss, 36, of Sarn, Bridgend recieved a 16 month suspended sentence for dangerous driving and driving without a licence.

Mr. Goss was spotted driving a Peugeot 106 that did not belong to him by an unmarked police car at the Sarn interchange last October. Mr. Goss was aware he was being pursued by police as he accelerated hard into a roundabout, driving around it the wrong way at 55mph, causing another road user to have to break hard in order to avoid collision. Mr. Goss was also ordered to carry out 150 hours community service and take a driving rehabilitation course.

Mr. Goss narrowly missed a mother with her child in a pram between Heol Cae Glas and Heol-y-bryn in Sarn. Mr. Goss then turned into a dead end, left the vehicle and ran to try and escape from police officers, but was caught up with and arrested in undergrowth shortly after.

Judge William Gaskell told Mr. Goss at Cardiff Crown Court today:

“You knew you weren’t entitled to drive, but you still did, with a total disregard for the public.

“You drove past a school at twice the speed limit and you put at risk a child and a woman.

“You could have killed them, but you didn’t care, because you were only concerned with trying to escape from the police.”


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