Four Bridgend men sentenced for attacking soldiers waiting at railway station

February 19, 2010

Four men were caught on CCTV at Bridgend railway station as they taunted and attacked five soldiers waiting for a train to Cardiff for a night out on Wednesday September 16 of last year.

Appearing at Cardiff Crown Court today, Nicky Blackwell, 19, Dayne Kinsella, 18, Reginald Malgas, 20, and Ashley Harris, 18, taunted the five members of the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment in Bridgend town centre where they were drunk and abusive towards the soldiers on a night out. The soldiers decided to leave Bridgend for Cardiff before any further trouble followed, but were pursued by the four men.

At Bridgend railway station, the soldiers were taunted and shouted at from across the station platform, before their attackers ran across a footbridge to start a fight.

One of the attackers took a glass bottle with him, and struck one of the victims on the head causing a 2cm laceration to the scalp. The bottle did not break however, and the victim avoided serious injury and was able to continue his night out in Cardiff afterwards.

Once attacked, the soldiers hit back in self defence, knocking one of the attackers onto the railway line, he was able to get himself back onto the platform quickly, before he and the other three fled back across the footbridge.

The 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment are assigned to the Special Forces Support Group of the United Kingdom Special Forces and branding the four men ‘drunken yobbos’ Judge Christopher Llewellyn-Jones QC said:

“The public is getting fed-up with your behaviour.

“These young soldiers came to Bridgend for a peaceful evening and you four try and entice them to fight.

“You are lucky the soldiers showed remarkable restraint, otherwise you would have suffered greatly.”

Dayne Kinsella and Nicky Blackwell were sentenced to eight months each at a young offenders institute, Reginald Malgas was sentenced to one year at a young offenders institute, while Ashley Williams received a six month sentence at a young offenders institute.


Three Barry men guilty of burglary, fantasy machete, broadsword, stiletto dagger and strimmer cable among stolen items

February 18, 2010

Mark Stringer, 19, Daniel Stansfield, 19, and his older brother Andrew Stansfield, 23 were sentenced yesterday afternoon after pleading guilty to burglary in July 2009.

Mark Stringer and Daniel Stansfield initially burgled the property in Barry before letting it be known to Andrew Stansfield that the property was empty, who joined them for a second burglary within 24 hours of the first.

Amongst the items stolen from the property were a fantasy machete, a pewter broadsword, a 12 inch Damascus steel stiletto dagger, an XBox 360 games console and games, a pocket watch and a strimmer cable, although it is not known on which of the two burglaries each item was stolen.

On the day of the burglary, police found Daniel Stansfield on a bicycle with a bass unit and other items from the burglary, when questioned by an officer, he said he had “found the items in bin bags” and they “must have been out for ages because they were wet.” The police officer, however, noticed the ground was dry.

Andrew Stansfield was found by police in a back lane, perspiring and out of breath where he claimed to be waiting for a call back from a friend, but officers found no calls on his mobile phone history, and he was in possession of the stole pocket watch and dagger.

Judge M. Furness described the “sense of intrusion” that the victim of the burglary must have felt, and an “anxiety for the future” after this incident.

Mark Stringer and Daniel Stansfield were sentenced to 12 months each in a young offenders institute, and Andrew Stansfield was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment. They must each serve at least half of their sentences.

Judge tells Sarn man guilty of dangerous driving: “You could have killed, but you didn’t care”

February 17, 2010

Darren Goss, 36, of Sarn, Bridgend recieved a 16 month suspended sentence for dangerous driving and driving without a licence.

Mr. Goss was spotted driving a Peugeot 106 that did not belong to him by an unmarked police car at the Sarn interchange last October. Mr. Goss was aware he was being pursued by police as he accelerated hard into a roundabout, driving around it the wrong way at 55mph, causing another road user to have to break hard in order to avoid collision. Mr. Goss was also ordered to carry out 150 hours community service and take a driving rehabilitation course.

Mr. Goss narrowly missed a mother with her child in a pram between Heol Cae Glas and Heol-y-bryn in Sarn. Mr. Goss then turned into a dead end, left the vehicle and ran to try and escape from police officers, but was caught up with and arrested in undergrowth shortly after.

Judge William Gaskell told Mr. Goss at Cardiff Crown Court today:

“You knew you weren’t entitled to drive, but you still did, with a total disregard for the public.

“You drove past a school at twice the speed limit and you put at risk a child and a woman.

“You could have killed them, but you didn’t care, because you were only concerned with trying to escape from the police.”

Two crates of milk costs a Llanishen man £97

February 8, 2010

Joseph Stevens, 20, of Llanishen, Cardiff, was ordered to pay a total fine of £97 after pleading guilty to stealing two crates of milk.

A crate of milk worth £6 was stolen from Molecular Light Technology Research laboratories in Llanishen on April 22 and then again on May 6 2009.

Mr. Stevens was identified by the laboratory’s CCTV cameras whilst on his way home drunk. He was ordered to pay back the £12 for the milk crates, along with an £85 contribution to the crown.

Cardiff man faces 14 month driving ban

February 8, 2010

Paul Bux, of Cardiff, has been fined £200 and been disqualified from driving for 14 months for driving his black Audi A3 whilst intoxicated.

Mr. Bux was stopped by police on Jan 23, 2010, on Newport Road, Cardiff, and failed a roadside breathalyser test with 57 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

He was offered the option of taking a ‘Dash’ rehabilitation course (to be funded by himself) and if completed by Oct 24, he can apply for his license to be returned by the DVLA on Dec 24.

Man spends 48 hours in custody for jumping red light

February 1, 2010

Steven White, 33 of  Llanedeyrn was fined £100 and received 3 points on his driving licence after pleading guilty to driving through a red traffic light in Cardiff.

Mr. White was caught with a Gatso device as he drove his Ford Fiesta through the red light at the junction of Cowbridge Road East and Cathedral Road at 19mph on the April 10, 2009.

He spent 48 hours in custody before appearing at Cardiff Magistrates Court today after documentation was sent to his old address in Merthyr Tydfil last year, resulting in an arrest warrant being issued on January 26, 2010.

He was ordered to pay £10 per fortnight until the fine is repaid.